Coming Down From the Halloween High

I love Halloween. October is, hands down, the best month of the year.

I love horror movies; I love the autumn weather; I love the pumpkins and bats and other trappings of the holiday. As a result, the first week or so of November is always a bit of a bummer for me–my favorite holiday is over.

Still, though, I had a good October this year. I watched quite a few horror movies, went on some nice fall weather walks, and generally basked in the spooky season.

On the day itself, I watched a horror film with each meal. I started off the morning with the recent Netflix slasher There’s Someone Inside Your House. It was fine; a pretty standard teen slasher with a decent sense of humor. I’m not a big slasher guy–I like Halloween, Scream, and Black Christmas, and that’s about it. That said, a cheesy slasher is always a sort of fun way to kill some time, and There’s Someone Inside Your House fit the bill.

With lunch, I enjoyed Possum, a film I’d been meaning to get around to for months. Possum is an… upsetting film, which I mean as a compliment (we are talking horror, after all). The imagery is very creepy, and it relentlessly builds tension and dread. If I had a criticism, it’d be that the ending is both very abrupt and a bit predictable; that said, it’s still definitely worth a watch if you like a bit of psychological horror. Just… maybe avoid it if you don’t like spiders.

Finally, over dinner I watched Hocus Pocus. Okay, not a horror movie, but certainly a Halloween movie–and one that I’d never seen before. Yes, I know, it’s a classic… but it’s not really my kind of thing. It wasn’t bad, and it is a nice bit of family-friendly Halloween fun, but I prefer getting spooked on Halloween. Still, I’m glad to finally check this one off my “movies you should see at least once” list.

Halloween was a bit less eventful this year than last year; I didn’t run my usual spooky TTRPG one-shot, and I didn’t hang out with pals playing board games while B-movies played in the background. It was still a solid holiday, though.

I’ll miss it until it rolls around again, but at least I still have dozens of horror movies to check out while I wait!


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