Welcome to It Came From Off-Panel!

Hello! Welcome to It Came From Off-Panel!, a new blog and podcast focused on the weird world of comic books. I’d like to take a moment to talk about what to expect from this site and its accompanying podcast.

It Came From Off-Panel! is, first and foremost, a podcast where I sit down with friends and talk about comics. I love comic books, and I particularly love the weird plotlines characters are sometimes put through–the ones that involve C-list supervillains you’ve never heard of, and plot twists so bizarre that future writers tend to just ignore them.

Each podcast focuses on one specific character. I’ll sit down with a guest and go over that character’s entire history, from their first appearance up to their modern adventures. Often, the characters I choose will be obscure, but I’ll occasionally cover a major character like Tim Drake.

The podcast has two goals: first, to celebrate the strange situations these characters often find themselves in, and second, to provide a place where listeners can learn about these characters.

Podcast episodes will be released on the 15th of each month. There will also be bonus episodes released on the last day of each month for people who are kind enough to support me on Patreon; these bonus episodes will vary wildly in their format and content, and they won’t necessarily be linked to the month’s main episode.

As for the blog, it’s here to support the podcast! The blog is where I’ll post character overviews, reading suggestions, and articles about the stories the podcast covers. It’s also where I’ll indulge one of my other great loves: tabletop role-playing games! A fair amount of content on here will be homebrew items, monsters, and adventures for TTRPGs–all of which will be based on comic book arcs and characters that I love.

There’s no set schedule and no specific ‘rules’ around my blog content. I want this to be a fun place where I can mess around with comics and TTRPG stuff whenever I want; when I ran Roll With It, this blog’s previous incarnation, I tried to stick to a strict schedule and ended up burning myself out. I’m not going to do that here.

I’m unbelievably excited to start this endeavor, and I hope you’re excited, too!


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