Den of the King Snake

Alright, here we go–time to really get out of my comfort zone! I designed a little adventure to utilize the villains I homebrewed for Tim. While I do DM a lot, this is the first time I’ve designed an adventure that wasn’t tailored to my plot and party; it’s probably a bit uneven as aContinue reading “Den of the King Snake”

Robin’s Rogues

What’s a hero without memorable villains? Robin doesn’t have a deep rogue’s gallery of his own, mostly borrowing from Batman’s, and the ones that are more Robin-specific aren’t necessarily the easiest to translate to a TTRPG; Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong is basically a particularly bratty kid, Jaeger is barely characterized at all, and so on. However,Continue reading “Robin’s Rogues”

Robin’s Gear

Batman, famously, has no super-powers—he relies on an assortment of gadgets in his fight against crime. The same is true of his allies, including Tim Drake, the third Robin. Robin doesn’t necessarily have a huge assortment of gear at his disposal, but he has a few gadgets that I thought he really couldn’t do without.Continue reading “Robin’s Gear”


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