Digimon Deck Profile: Red Hybrids (and General Blog Update)

Hey, folks, what’s up? It’s been a minute, huh? So, yeah, March didn’t really go as planned. I had an episode of the podcast recorded about Jessica Cruz, my favorite Green Lantern, but my laptop died earlier this year and wouldn’t you know it, I’d forgotten to back that episode up! So it goes. MoreContinue reading “Digimon Deck Profile: Red Hybrids (and General Blog Update)”


Den of the King Snake

Alright, here we go–time to really get out of my comfort zone! I designed a little adventure to utilize the villains I homebrewed for Tim. While I do DM a lot, this is the first time I’ve designed an adventure that wasn’t tailored to my plot and party; it’s probably a bit uneven as aContinue reading “Den of the King Snake”

Robin’s Rogues

What’s a hero without memorable villains? Robin doesn’t have a deep rogue’s gallery of his own, mostly borrowing from Batman’s, and the ones that are more Robin-specific aren’t necessarily the easiest to translate to a TTRPG; Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong is basically a particularly bratty kid, Jaeger is barely characterized at all, and so on. However,Continue reading “Robin’s Rogues”

Robin’s Gear

Batman, famously, has no super-powers—he relies on an assortment of gadgets in his fight against crime. The same is true of his allies, including Tim Drake, the third Robin. Robin doesn’t necessarily have a huge assortment of gear at his disposal, but he has a few gadgets that I thought he really couldn’t do without.Continue reading “Robin’s Gear”


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