Old Growth, Part 3

Heya, folks! Let’s check back in with our brave party of Lionel, Grell, and Valeryn, shall we? When last we left off, the trio had fought there way through a camp infested by mold-monsters and zombies. Unpleasant stuff! As our third session picked up, the group spotted a strange figure staring at them from theContinue reading “Old Growth, Part 3”

Marvel Champions: Wasp Breakdown

Folks! I’ve been reading a lot of comic books and you know what that means: it’s time to talk about my favorite comic book card game, Marvel Champions! Today I’m talking about the unstoppable Wasp, Nadia Van Dyne! As a reminder, these breakdowns don’t cover Aspect cards or strategy, they’re mostly about how well theContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Wasp Breakdown”

Old Growth, Part 1

It’s happening! My glorious return to the world of tabletop games if finally happening! Over the last few weeks I’ve managed to run two sessions of my new campaign, “Old Growth.” Today, I want to talk a little bit about how the campaign is going so far and how I’m adjusting to running things again.Continue reading “Old Growth, Part 1”

Building Superman in Pathfinder 2E

I love creators like Monster Monday and Danger Rooms & Dragons that use tabletop systems like Pathfinder 2E and D&D 5E to create beloved pop culture characters (and monsters). I decided I’d push myself a little bit and try my hand at doing something similar. As a challenge to myself, I decided to try toContinue reading “Building Superman in Pathfinder 2E”

Starting a New Campaign Tonight

I’m going to keep this one a little bit short because, frankly, I’m feeling a little anxious today and I want to distract myself with something other than writing my ostensibly-TTRPG-themed blog. Why am I anxious, you ask? Well, because I’m actually starting my Old Growth campaign tonight. It’s going to be the first timeContinue reading “Starting a New Campaign Tonight”

Revisiting Marvel’s Avengers

I have been comic book-ing like crazy lately. I’ve been reading every Tim Drake story I can; I bought some DC: Future State trades; I’ve been all about superheroes, basically. So, when a friend of mine wanted to hang out and play some Marvel’s Avengers the other night, I thought it sounded like a goodContinue reading “Revisiting Marvel’s Avengers”

Ranking the Robins

Tim Drake is in the news this week because a recent issue of Batman: Urban Legends confirmed that he’s bisexual, which is pretty cool! As a comic fan, it’s always a bit strange to see mainstream news sites reporting on this kind of thing, though. You come across headlines saying things like, “After 80 Years,Continue reading “Ranking the Robins”

What If Wingspan Was A Horror Game?

Hey, folks! A little bit of housekeeping: there’s something about a Monday/Friday release schedule that bugs my brain. I don’t know why. I’m going to try switching to a Tuesday/Thursday schedule for a few weeks because that feels more proper to me. I know, it’s all totally arbitrary, but… whatever. I’ve talked a lot aboutContinue reading “What If Wingspan Was A Horror Game?”