Digimon Deck Profile: Red Hybrids (and General Blog Update)

Hey, folks, what’s up? It’s been a minute, huh? So, yeah, March didn’t really go as planned. I had an episode of the podcast recorded about Jessica Cruz, my favorite Green Lantern, but my laptop died earlier this year and wouldn’t you know it, I’d forgotten to back that episode up! So it goes. MoreContinue reading “Digimon Deck Profile: Red Hybrids (and General Blog Update)”

Welcome to It Came From Off-Panel!

Hello! Welcome to It Came From Off-Panel!, a new blog and podcast focused on the weird world of comic books. I’d like to take a moment to talk about what to expect from this site and its accompanying podcast. It Came From Off-Panel! is, first and foremost, a podcast where I sit down with friendsContinue reading “Welcome to It Came From Off-Panel!”

Farewell For Now

Hey, everyone! So, you may have noticed that I missed yesterday’s post. Well, that’s because we’re pretty much at the end of November, and I wanted to post midweek with an announcement: Roll With It is going away. Kind of. Over the past few months, I’ve alluded to a major project I’ve been working onContinue reading “Farewell For Now”

Marvel Champions Breakdown: Rocket Raccoon

I couldn’t do Groot without covering his best pal Rocket, could I? Rocket Raccoon is the other hero in the Galaxy’s Most Wanted box, so now is the perfect time to take a look at his kit. Remember, I’m only looking at his 15-card unique deck and giving an analysis based more on theme andContinue reading “Marvel Champions Breakdown: Rocket Raccoon”

Marvel Champions Breakdown: Groot

I’m on a roll with Marvel Champions! Today, I’m going to look at one of the heroes from the Galaxy’s Most Wanted expansion box: everyone’s favorite flora colossus, Groot! As a reminder, these breakdowns only look at a character’s 15-card unique deck, with no attention paid to Aspect cards. I’m mostly looking at flavor andContinue reading “Marvel Champions Breakdown: Groot”

Marvel Champions Breakdown: Scarlet Witch

Since I did Quicksilver earlier this week, it only seemed right to cover Scarlet Witch today! Remember, folks, I’m leaving aspect cards out of the equation and just doing this breakdown based on how flavorful and thematic Wanda’s unique 15-card deck is. The HeroWanda Maximoff is your average alter-ego, with 3 Recovery, a hand sizeContinue reading “Marvel Champions Breakdown: Scarlet Witch”

Marvel Champions Breakdown: Quicksilver

It’s time for more Marvel Champions! I just got my hands on the new expansion box, The Mad Titan’s Shadow, and I’m very excited about it. However, since I’ve been doing these breakdowns in release order, I’m gong to focus on Quicksilver today! The sexy new box will have to wait. As a reminder, I’mContinue reading “Marvel Champions Breakdown: Quicksilver”

Coming Down From the Halloween High

I love Halloween. October is, hands down, the best month of the year. I love horror movies; I love the autumn weather; I love the pumpkins and bats and other trappings of the holiday. As a result, the first week or so of November is always a bit of a bummer for me–my favorite holidayContinue reading “Coming Down From the Halloween High”