Investigating Investigators: Roland Banks

Heya, folks! I’m a bit obsessed with Arkham Horror at the moment, so I thought it’d be fun to talk about the Investigators (playable characters) a bit. This’ll be something in the vein of my Marvel Champions breakdowns, but for Arkham! What better way to start than with the characters from the core box? Let’sContinue reading “Investigating Investigators: Roland Banks”

A Triumphant Return to Arkham Horror

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I love Arkham Horror: The Card Game. I think it’s a brilliant game in a lot of ways–the use of narrative, the deck building, the progression, the scenario design… it’s all great! However, like so many things in 2021, I haven’t had a chance to enjoy it… untilContinue reading “A Triumphant Return to Arkham Horror”

TTRPGs and Personal Development

By Laurie Trueblood It all came down to this. Gripping the dice tightly, he could feel their edges against his palm. Across the table, his new friend, the wizard, looked at him expectantly, a combination of hope and fear in their eyes. Wondering if he should pray to the god of his character or himself,Continue reading “TTRPGs and Personal Development”

The Spooky Time Is Upon Us

Folks, I love Halloween. I didn’t really get into horror until I was in high school, but ever since, I’ve been making up for lost time. Every October, I throw myself into as much horror as I can fit into a 31-day period. That means I watched several horror films over the weekend, and there’sContinue reading “The Spooky Time Is Upon Us”

I Don’t Have A Title Tonight

Alright, I’m just going to be honest: I forgot to write a blog yesterday. It was a bad day and it slipped my mind. Then, I realized it this morning, and I thought, “I’ll have to do that after work,” but now it’s 8 p.m. and I’m not done with work yet, so… I’m just…Continue reading “I Don’t Have A Title Tonight”

Mountain Dew: Beverage Chameleon

Is anybody else continually fascinated by the endless parade of new Mountain Dew varieties? Like… most sodas have a few variants, sure. You’ve got Wild Cherry Pepsi. You’ve got Vanilla Coke. You’ve got Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. But Mountain Dew has made a name for itself through a willingness to throw any goddamn flavor intoContinue reading “Mountain Dew: Beverage Chameleon”

Dealing With Disappointing Sessions

Fellow DMs: how do you know when to call off a session? I don’t mean, like, because something came up or some players told you they couldn’t make it. I mean, how do you gauge if you’re just not mentally ready to run a game? I feel like I used to know the answer toContinue reading “Dealing With Disappointing Sessions”

A Year Later, Hades Is Still the Best

Dang, I’m posting this pretty late, huh? I wish I had a good excuse, but I don’t. You know what I do have? Hades, by Supergiant Games. I’m sure that Hades needs no introduction; it came out around this time last year and immediately took the the world by storm. A roguelike with countless avenuesContinue reading “A Year Later, Hades Is Still the Best”