Wait, Do I… Like Batman?

I do not, generally speaking, think of myself as a “Batman guy.” When it comes to superhero comics–and especially DC comics–a lot of people are either Superman Fans or Batman Fans. I’m a Superman Fan. I love Big Blue because he’s an aspirational character: he’s good. Always. That gives me so much joy and soContinue reading “Wait, Do I… Like Batman?”

Old Growth, Part 3

Heya, folks! Let’s check back in with our brave party of Lionel, Grell, and Valeryn, shall we? When last we left off, the trio had fought there way through a camp infested by mold-monsters and zombies. Unpleasant stuff! As our third session picked up, the group spotted a strange figure staring at them from theContinue reading “Old Growth, Part 3”

Marvel Champions: Wasp Breakdown

Folks! I’ve been reading a lot of comic books and you know what that means: it’s time to talk about my favorite comic book card game, Marvel Champions! Today I’m talking about the unstoppable Wasp, Nadia Van Dyne! As a reminder, these breakdowns don’t cover Aspect cards or strategy, they’re mostly about how well theContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Wasp Breakdown”

Old Growth, Part 1

It’s happening! My glorious return to the world of tabletop games if finally happening! Over the last few weeks I’ve managed to run two sessions of my new campaign, “Old Growth.” Today, I want to talk a little bit about how the campaign is going so far and how I’m adjusting to running things again.Continue reading “Old Growth, Part 1”

Building Superman in Pathfinder 2E

I love creators like Monster Monday and Danger Rooms & Dragons that use tabletop systems like Pathfinder 2E and D&D 5E to create beloved pop culture characters (and monsters). I decided I’d push myself a little bit and try my hand at doing something similar. As a challenge to myself, I decided to try toContinue reading “Building Superman in Pathfinder 2E”

Starting a New Campaign Tonight

I’m going to keep this one a little bit short because, frankly, I’m feeling a little anxious today and I want to distract myself with something other than writing my ostensibly-TTRPG-themed blog. Why am I anxious, you ask? Well, because I’m actually starting my Old Growth campaign tonight. It’s going to be the first timeContinue reading “Starting a New Campaign Tonight”

Revisiting Marvel’s Avengers

I have been comic book-ing like crazy lately. I’ve been reading every Tim Drake story I can; I bought some DC: Future State trades; I’ve been all about superheroes, basically. So, when a friend of mine wanted to hang out and play some Marvel’s Avengers the other night, I thought it sounded like a goodContinue reading “Revisiting Marvel’s Avengers”